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Can You Lose Weight On An Exercise Bike?

Just like using any other exercise machine, losing weight on an exercise bike is possible, as long as you watch what you eat.

Losing weight is all about spending more calories than you consume. This is what we call calorie deficit. Let’s suppose you consume 2,200 calories a day and spend 2,500 calories. You’ll lose weight whether you like it or not.

Stationary bikes are tools for weight loss

The purpose of riding an exercise bike is to help you get to the deficit. The average adults spend roughly 2,000 calories a day. Riding a stationary bike is a great way to pump up that number. According to, a 205 lbs. person can spend 651 calories riding a stationary bike for an hour on moderate resistance. So you see, hopping on a recumbent bike and pushing the pedals really does serious calories.

So, can you lose weight on an exercise bike? Sure you can.

“Is there a way to burn even more calories on a stationary bike?”

High-Intensity Interval Training is the answers. You can learn more about HIIT on an exercise bike for this article.

“What kind of stationary cycle should I use?”

Well, that depends. If you’re obese, you need a heavy duty recumbent bike. Something that has 300 lbs. of maximum weight capacity or more. If you’re a senior citizen, you’ll do well picking up exercise bikes made for seniors.

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