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How to Make Exercising Less Boring

Trying to make exercising a habit is no easy feat. You will stumble upon challenges along the way, guaranteed!

One of the toughest challenges you must overcome is diminishing enthusiasm as you do it day after day. This is especially true for those who opt to exercise at home instead of at the gym. If you can’t stand the boredom, here are 7 ways to make exercise more fun for you.

7 Ways to Make Exercise More Fun

There are plenty of ways to make exercise more fun, but we’ll focus on seven of them for now.

#1. Listen to Music

This is how many people keep themselves motivated to exercise at home or anywhere. Listening to music is a simple yet effective method to spice up your work out. Load your playlist with your favorite songs and music. We personally love the One Punch Man opening song, The Hero,  for the beat. The music gives you that adrenaline rush that does magic when you’re pushing it hard on an exercise machine.

Those middle-aged guys and gal have power in their voices. The cover by Jonathan Young is excellent too.  You should definitely add it to your playlist.

By the way, since you’re working at home, you’re not obligated to listen to your favorite tunes using headphones only. You can play whatever you wish and turn your bluetooth speaker on max.

In the same vein, you can also listen to podcasts.

Hey, no one says you can’t multitask, right? Why not listen to some mind-enriching podcasts while you’re pedaling that exercise bike? For your body, the pedaling motion is pretty much automatic anyway, so absorbing new information should be no problem at all.

“What about listening to audiobooks?”

You can do that too, of course. There are thousands of audiobooks available today. Some of them should fit your taste. Restrict yourself to listen to the audiobooks only when you’re exercising. So if you want to know what happens next, you have to sweat for it

#2. Break the routine

Another simple way to make exercise fun is to add something different. Change up your workouts to make them fun.

If you’ve been doing dumbbell curls in that little home gym of yours, do it on the backyard once in a while. Or do it on your favorite couch while watching your favorite Netflix specials.

Adding variations to your workout to break the routine can also make things interesting. If you enjoy riding an exercise bike, for example, try the many programs available on the bike.

“But my bike doesn’t have any programs?”

It doesn’t? Well, maybe you should put that one on Craigslists and replace it with something better. Get something like the Schwinn 270 that has 12 different programs such as Rolling Hills, Ride in the Park, Easy Tour, Pike’s Peak, etc.

What the program does is varying the resistance level to mimic real-world bike-riding experience. It really makes riding the bike more fun and challenging.

#3. Take it easy

When you give 100% all the time, you’ll lose steam quickly. It’s OK to slow down once in a while. Getting enough rest is also an important factor for a successful workout regime. Make sure you get enough sleep at night so your body is ready for any exercise you want to do the following day.

#4. Ask a friend …

… to exercise with you.

Many people enjoy the freedom of exercising alone. But sometimes, you need to interact with another, even if it’s just an hour or two to break the monotony.

Working out alone can be boring when you’ve had too much of it. A healthy human interaction is good for your mental health. Yeah, that’s just how we humans are hard-wired. We need to keep that interaction going no matter how little or small. That way,.  you can stay active without going to the gym and have fun at it too.

#5. Reward yourself

You’ve been working hard, right? And anyone who’s been working hard should get a nice reward for it, right?

Rewarding oneself pairs well with setting up new challenges. For instance:

“If I can do fifty lunges non-stop, I’ll treat myself with a piece of fresh fig cake!”

Don’t be shy about rewarding yourself with scrumptious food as long as you watch the calories. We don’t want to nullify all those gains now, do we?

#6. Set small goals

Perhaps why you’re not getting any fun with your exercises is because you kept missing your too big of a goal.

Instead of aiming for 20 pounds weight loss in 6 months, why not aim to lose a pound each week. You’ll be losing roughly the same amount of weight, but the shorter timeframe and the lower goal makes it easier for your brain to click that SUCCESS! button.

Meeting your goals continuously feels good. Really good. Giving yourself continuous rewards is a powerful idea to make exercise more enjoyable.

#7. Watch fun exercise videos

Whatever kind of exercise you enjoy, there are bound to be plenty of fun videos about it on the internet. It’s true. Even a workout as simple as doing pushups has many videos showing people having fun with it.

One example is doing pushups following the tune of “Bring Sally Up” like shown in the video below.


OK, that’s all for now. We hope with those simple tricks, you will no longer see working out as a painful chore.

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