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Is a Home Exercise Bike Worth Buying?

Many people who are fed up with their sedentary lives buy exercise machines so they can work out at home. One of the popular choices is an exercise bike. The question now is if it’s worth it.

Should I Buy a Home Exercise Bike?

7 reasons to buy an exercise bike

If you’re still on the edge about getting a stationary bike, the followings may proof to be compelling arguments to do so.

#1. It’s better than Netflix and chill

Sure you can come home, turn on Netflix, and watch your favorite movies/shows for hours. That won’t do your body any good, though.

Instead of sitting on the couch while watching the movies, why not sit on the bike and pedal your way until the movie ends? You don’t need to crank the resistance level up. Just let it at the lowest level. As long as you keep on pedaling, you’ll still reap the health rewards.

#2. It’s good for your back

Anyone who’s over 30 and suffering from back pain needs an exercise bike.

You see, the problem with a sedentary live is that you spend too much time sitting still around the clock. You sit in the office, in the car, and in your own home. Why not spend a good 30-45 minutes of your day to sit on a recumbent bike and pedal? After a few weeks of regular exercise, your back problem will be no more.

Note that you should use a recumbent instead of an upright model when you have bad back. Exercising on an upright bike may aggravate your back problems.

#3. You can make it fun

Many bikes have built-in programs to make exercising fun. You may see a preset called Hill Climb, Mountain Trail, and things like that.

If you want to take it a step further, you can try the interactive exercise bike kit from CyberBiking. The kit allows you to play driving or racing video games while exercising. The pedaling speed controls how fast you move in the game so it does add a bit of realism to your indoor workout.

#4. It’s good for your heart

Young people get heart attacks too. Bad diet coupled with lack of exercise are two reasons why people in their thirties already suffering from heart attacks and strokes.

Riding an exercise bike is an easy cardio workout to do at home. Give yourself 30 minutes a day, five days week to ride a stationary bike. It will boost your overall fitness as well as cardiac output.

Not having the chance to see your kids grow sucks, you know. Stop putting off your plan to exercise. You may not have that kind of luxury.

Exercise bike is easy on the joints

#5. It’s easy on the joints

Riding an exercise bike is low impact. Even when you have bad knees or ankles, you can still do workouts without damaging your joints.

Being low-impact is why many senior citizens choose indoor biking. Being old, your joints are just not as good as they used to.

#6. You can lose weight too

Weight loss is all about calories in minus calories out. When you get a deficit, you’re good.

Regular HIIT sessions on an exercise bike can do wonders to your weight loss effort. HIIT workouts are so effective in burning calories, you’ll have no problem keeping the calorie deficit. That said, please remember one thing: if you’re planning to lose weight, stay away from soda!

#7. Lowers your risk of Type II Diabetes

Having too much sugar in your system all the time gives you diabetes, but exercising can prevent that. Exercising uses the glucose in the blood as the source of energy. Regular exercise regime can keep the blood glucose level at an acceptable level. As an effect, you have less chance of getting Type 2 diabetes.

Alright, those are 7 reasons why buying a home exercise bike is a great idea. Remember folks, whether you’re an overweight, senior, tall, or short person, there’s always a bike that will suit your needs.

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