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Best Exercise Bike Reviews 2022

Best Exercise Bike For Home 2022

Anyone can get a fit and healthy body easily by following these three simple steps:

  1. Go to a barren desert
  2. Find a magic lamp with a genie in it
  3. Make a wish

However, with the ever-decreasing supply of such magic lamps, most of us can only work on the next best thing – exercising. One exercise that’s good for your body and won’t put a toll on your joints is riding an exercise bike. That said, not all bikes are worth your hard-earned money.

If you’re looking for the best-rated exercise bikes that give the best bang for your buck and can give you good exercise at home, you just came to the right place. This website is all about giving the hand-picked selection of the best stationary exercise bike that you can find in the market.

Schwinn 270 Recumbent Exercise Bike – Solid 300 Pound Capacity

Schwinn 270 - 350 lbs. weight capacity exercise bike

* Wide and comfortable seat with excellent back support
* Plenty of different exercise programs
* Excellent controls
* Two user profiles to keep track of your preferred settings
* Smooth and quiet operation. If you enjoy exercising while watching TV you won’t need to turn up the TV volume much.
* Walk-through frame makes it easy to get seated. You don’t need to lift your feet high. Just slide sideways and you’re ready to get an exercise.
* The manual says that the maximum user weight for this exercise bike is 300 pound. In reality many people heavier than 350 pound use this bike comfortably every day.
* Comfortable to use for people up to 6’4″
* The assembly, while not difficult, takes quite a while. The assembly instruction is mostly pictures with very few words
* User manual kinda sucks. You should download the updated one from Schwinn website

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Exerpeutic Folding Exercise Bike

A folding exercise bike is a convenience


* Great for both tall and short people

Whether you’re 6’1″ or 5’3″ tall the bike will fit you perfectly. The seat position from the lowest to the tallest position accommodates short and tall people well. There will be no awkward pedaling motion during the whole circumference of the stroke.

* Compact

It’s foldable so of course it will take not much room in any home or apartment. It only takes 22″ x 20″ footprint so it will even fit in a closet when you need it out of sight. If space is a concern for you, this would make a good choice.

* Very stable

It won’t wobble left and right while you’re pedaling hard. You could practically exercise your upper body using dumbbells while riding the bike at the same time and it will stay put.

* Four-steps Assembly

If you can put an IKEA furniture together, you’re most likely find this bike as easy to assemble. It may take a while since the parts are heavy and all, but it is straightforward.

* Super quiet

As long as you put everything correctly, this bike is quiet. No one will be startled awake when you ride this early in the morning.

* Good number of sensors

Like any good bike, this one also has a sensor to measure heart rate, calories burned, etc. There’s another sensor called MyCloudFitness Cadence that you can add to track your workout. If you do download the app and subscribe to  premium you can access hundreds of trainer-led videos, world tour ride, personalized workout programs, and access to new content monthly. Of course, even without all those bells and whistles, you can still get excellent result by exercising regularly on this bike.


* Flat seat

Ok, so this bike doesn’t have the best seat compared to other bikes. As you can see from the picture, it’s big yet flat. It doesn’t follow the contour of your bottom so your rear will feel miserable after a thirty minute workout. That said, adding a foam cushion easily makes everything better.

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Schwinn Active 20 Series Recumbent Exercise Bike – Perfect For Tall People

* Has 8 resistance levels. Even on the highest setting the resistance is not very challenging so it certainly won’t put a lot of strain on your joints or cause knee pain. Obviously you should stick with the lowest until your knees are used to it.
* Comes with all the required tools for assembly and easy to assemble by one person.
* Large display, easy to read and understand.
* Sturdy construction. The frame and everything feels solid.
* Has 11 workout programs to keep exercising interesting.
* Seat is comfortable and easy to adjust
* Very affordable.
* Quiet.
* Fits a person up to 6’3″ tall
* No need to plug it to a power outlet since the resistance system doesn’t require electricity and the display only uses battery.

* The calorie counter definitely gives exaggerated numbers. The amount of calories burned is most likely half of what is displayed.
* No backlight on the display. Not really a problem if you’re exercising in a well-lit room

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When is the best time to exercise?

Many people enjoy riding their exercise bikes in the morning before breakfast. And we recommend you do the same.

A new study reveals that exercising before breakfast burns twice as much fat as exercising after munching your breakfast. When you exercise with an empty stomach, your body plunder the stored carbohydrates for energy. When those run out, stored fat is the next target.

Exercising before breakfast also boosts your muscles response to insulin. That’s a great news for people with high risk of heart disease and diabetes.

If you want to follow the exercise-before-breakfast regime, please remember to stay hydrated. Keep a water bottle within arm’s reach so you can gulp whenever your throat is getting dry.

Do I Really Need To Spend A Lot Of Money To Get Fit?

No, you don’t.

We had an email from a lady who said she was obese. She was asking our suggestion for a used exercise bike because the ones we review on this site were out of her budget.

You know what we told her?

We told her to go to Reddit and checkout the bodyweight fitness sub there.There are a lot of people there who once in her shoes. And they are more than happy to share their experiences and knowledge. There are some good people there who will guide you to reach your fitness goals.

If you can’t afford a machine, don’t force it.

Of course, when you do buy some stuff through our website that makes us happy. That’s how we get the money to keep the site up. That’s how we bring food to the table and that’s how we pay the bills. But if you need to max your card to buy an exercise machine, we’d be feeling very guilty.

So remember, if you cannot afford a new exercise bike or a cheaper used one, you can always rely on other methods to lose weight and get fit. Walk thirty minutes before dinner, eat smaller portion, cut your sugar intake, etc.  There are plenty of ways to get fit and riding an exercise bike is just one of them. It’s fun, we got to tell you that, but it’s not the only way.

Just because we enjoy riding a stationary bike and we also enjoy riding bikes outdoor through the rain and stuff like that to let loose, doesn’t mean you have to too. There are thousands of other way for you to get healthy and fit. Maxing out your card is in no way required.

Health Benefits Of Riding An Exercise Bike

Riding an exercise bike is a great cardio workout. It can improve your endurance, heart function and increase your lung capacity. It’s also good for strengthening and toning muscles especially the gluteal, quadriceps and hamstrings.

The good news is even when you set the resistance to low (or no resistance at all) you still get those benefits thanks to the pedaling motion. However, if you really want to spice it up and get the most out of a stationary bike, you should try interval training on it.

Remember to take it easy if you have conditions like bad hips or back pain. It’s always good to ask your physician or doctor first before starting a new workout regime.

“Is it good for the knees?”

Yes it is. Regular exercising on an exercise bike can keep your knee and hip joints healthy and flexible. Just remember to be moderate on the resistance setting especially when you just starting out or you’ll be inviting knee pain instead. Check out the best exercise bike for bad knee reviews if you’re in the market for one.

“Is is okay for pregnant woman to ride an exercise bike?”

Riding an exercise bike during pregnancy is something that you must consult to your doctor. Seriously, get a professional advice for this.

“Is riding an exercise bike really effective?”

The effectiveness of working out with an exercise bike depends on some factors like the resistance level. You will obviously get different result if you ride a bike with no resistance compared to maximum resistance.

Secondly is how long do you ride it in a session. A 20 minute ride per session is regarded as the minimum. Consistency is also another factor. If you only ride the bike once a month and put it away for the rest of the time it won’t give you much.

Make a vow to use the bike at least two times a week and you WILL see that it is quite an effective workout. People who have low mobility on their limbs can also benefit from cycling thanks to motorized exercise bikes.

“Which muscles are working out?”

The gluteal, quadriceps and hamstring muscles. Those are the main muscles that have the biggest workout when you ride your exercise bike. Cycling is a good way to get slimmer thighs. Anyway, if you’re a beginner it’s best to take it easy at first and work your way up as your fitness level improves.
What about weight loss? Is it effective for losing weight?

Yes, riding and exercise bike can help you lose weight but slowly. If you ride a stationary bike on moderate resistance for 30 minutes a day, four days a week you can lose a pound over the period of three weeks. Since there are 52 weeks a year that accumulates to losing 14 pounds a year.

Not much? Perhaps so, but if you increase the time to an hour a day then you can lose about 28 pounds a year. Results will vary but losing 28 pounds in a year is just a bonus when you think of the other health benefits of exercise bike.

Exercise Bike VS Elliptical Trainer

If you have to choose which one will it be? An exercise bike or elliptical trainer? In reality both are excellent low-impact workout machine. The main difference is that elliptical trainer simulates walking and thus give more stress on your leg and hip. It also requires some time to get used to. A stationary bike, on the other hand, is much easier on your leg, knee and hip. It’s also a no-brainer to use. Anyone can ride a bike, right?

Still, the question remains. Which one should you choose?

If you are obese or have problem exercising while standing (bad knee, hip, etc) then a bike is the obvious choice. If not, an elliptical trainer is an excellent choice since it gives wider range of workout not just for your lower body but you upper one also. According to a research working out on an elliptical trainer burns 50% more calories compared to working out on an exercise bike.

Riding An Exercise Bike VS Running On Treadmill

Everybody knows that running is a cheap exercise. Personally we prefer running than riding an exercise bike but the weather doesn’t always allow usto run outdoors. This is where a treadmill come in handy. But then some people ask which one is better, running or riding a stationary bike?

In reality the answer depends on yourself and your goal. Running on a treadmill (or outdoors) is a great cardio workout but it put high stress on the joints and bones on your lower body. If your doctor say it’s okay then go ahead and run. If your aim is to burn calories then running on a treadmill can give you more calories burned than riding an exercise bike (at the same intensity level and interval, of course).

Another difference you may want to look is space. A stationary bike generally has smaller footprints compared to a treadmill. The folding ones are even more so. They make excellent choice for people who live in apartments

Exercise Bike VS Spin Bike

A spin bike is also known as indoor cycling bike. It is made for cyclists to train indoors.

Spin Bike a.k.a Indoor Cycling Bike

The picture above shows Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1423 Indoor Cycling Bike. It’s a great piece of exercise machine in its own right, however it’s not for everyone. Riding a spin bike simulates riding an outdoor bike. This includes the inconvenience of leaning forward excessively and enduring the small and hard seat.

The SF-B1423 above uses fixed gear. When you’re pedaling hard and suddenly stop, the flywheel and the pedals will just keep going. It’s an injury risk unless you know what you’re doing.

For a home gym, there isn’t really any good reason to buy a spin bike instead of a recumbent or upright exercise bike unless, of course, you’re preparing for a bicycle tournament and such. Anything a spin bike can do, upright and recumbent bikes can do the same but in a more comfortable fashion.

Upright VS Recumbent Exercise Bike

Generally a recumbent exercise bike is much more comfortable and easier to ride on than an upright model. On a recumbent bike, you can just lean back and get exercising. Recumbent stationary bikes are also excellent for people with back problems. So when exercising straight-up is not a option, you can still enjoy the benefits of riding a stationary bike.

“So, who should use the upright one?”

Avid cyclists or people who are accustomed to outdoor bikes should use the upright model. Those who wish to burn more calories will also benefit more from an upright model since they will work on more muscle groups such as the neck, shoulders, arms, lower back, abdomen, and buttocks.

How Many Calories Can You Burn on an Exercise Bike?

The amount of calories you burn will vary based on the following variables:

  • Distance
  • Time
  • Resistance level
  • Exercise type
  • Stationary bike type (recumbent vs. upright)

Exercise Bike Workout Variations

Adding variations to your workout will keep boredom away. Variation in speed and intensity also great for improved fat burning. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the key for quick fat loss. How do you do it on a bike? Just watch this short video. It’s only 2 minutes long, so be sure to watch til’ the end.

HIIT is also amazong for improving your aerobic and anaerobic energy supplying system. If you are a busy person and only have the time to do one type of workout on an exercise equipment, do HIIT.

Exercise Bike Buying Guide

Once you find your reason to lose weight and get fit, it’s time for you to weigh your options as to which indoor cycle you should get.

There are a wide range of prices for stationary bicycles (a few hundred to a few thousand dollars), and this is largely due to variations in quality (such as lifetime warranties, weight capacity, noise level) and number of features (such as pre-programmed workouts and heart rate monitors) of the exercise bike.

“What type of bike should I get? Upright or recumbent exercise bike?”

There are two main types of exercise bikes: upright and recumbent. An upright exercise bike looks like a regular road bike, with a vertical orientation and handlebars out front. On a recumbent bike, the rider is seated against a backrest, with legs out in front. Experts differ about the comparative health benefits of upright versus recumbent models, and most agree that selection is a matter of personal preference. For back pain patients it may depend on comfort while in a leaning forward position sitting on an upright stationary bike, or in a reclining position on a recumbent bike.

Upright exercise bikes allow for more variety of movement, such as riding while standing or in a racing position, so more muscle groups can be exercised as a biker changes position. Also, users with conditions such as spinal stenosis or osteoarthritis may find the forward-leaning position of the upright bike to be most comfortable.

Recumbent exercise bikes may be somewhat easier to use for some people because the backrest provides additional balance. Users with mechanical low back pain (such as degenerative disc disease) sometimes find the back support and reclining position of the recumbent bike more comfortable. However, some fitness experts also warn that recumbent bikes encourage a slower, less intense workout and which may deliver less cardiovascular benefit.

Today you can find an exercise bike for all kind of people. Whether you’re short, tall, a senior/elderly, overweight or obese you can find one that is just the right one for you.

A bike with plenty of resistance levels (8 or more) will allow you to progress as you gain more stamina and leg strength. There are also dual action models that allows you to train your upper and lower body at once.

Here are some quick tips for buying an exercise bike

  • Pay attention to the user reviews and ratings especially the 4-star ones
  • Compare the features and take note how many of them are important to you. The best exercise bike is the one that fit your needs best NOT ALWAYS the one with the most features.
  • Check out the dimension and make sure you can put it in your home.
  • Check how heavy it is too and whether it has wheels to help transport
  • Need something for the office? Get an exercise bike that you can put under your desk.