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Best Exercise Bikes For Obese People Reviews

For an obese person, riding an exercise bike is one of the best kind of exercise. It’s low impact and you can do it from the comfort of your home. Whether it rains or snows, you can still ride and get in shape.

What Are The Best Exercise Bikes For Obese People?

The perfect stationary bike for an overweight person would be a recumbent bike. The bike should also have over 300+ pound weight limit, sturdy construction, plus a wide and comfortable seat.

Why is a recumbent better than an upright bike?

Because the recumbent design can minimize the pressure on your joints and back while exercising. Upright bikes don’t come with back support on the seat. You also need to lean forward during the exercise. If you’re a 300+ lbs person, that can take a serious toll on your back.

Now, the followings are some recumbent bikes fit that those criteria above nicely. We sort it from the highest weight rating to lowest.

Exerpeutic Gold 525XLR Folding Recumbent Exercise Bike

top exercise bike with 400 lbs capacity


* 400 lbs capacity
According to National Center for Health about 7.7% of Americans above 20 are severely obese (i.e., 40.0+ BMI). That’s over 18 million people! If you happen fall into this category, this stationary bike is just for you. The 525XLR is a great recumbent bike with 400 lbs. weight limit.

The Exerpeutic 525XLR has highly durable steel frame. This heavy duty steel frame ensures that you can exercise on the bike safely even when you’re pushing it hard. Yes, even when you weigh over 400 pounds.

* 8 level magnetic tension control system
When you first starting out, you should definitely start with the lowest resistance to get your body going. However, soon you’ll be moving up the tension levels for sure. Why? Because those layers of fat hides a mass of muscles strong enough to lug you around daily.

Seriously, you have strong muscles under those layers of fat. By progressing up the resistance level, each of your exercise sessions will burn more calories allowing you to lose weight faster. All that while improving your stamina and lower body strength.

At the highest tension level, the 525XLR can give you a serious workout.

* Quiet
A good exercise bike must be quiet and the 525XLR is right on point. If you enjoy watching TV while exercising, there will be no need to crank up the TV volume. If you enjoy exercising in the morning while everyone else is still sleeping, there will be no squeaking that will wake everyone up.

* Foldable
If you live in an apartment or simply doesn’t have the extra space to store a bulky exercise machine when it’s not in use, the 525XLR is just perfect. This bike is foldable and takes half the space as it does when unfolded. You can tuck it in a corner or put it away against a wall.

The whole machine weighs 54.7 lbs. That’s still a manageable weight when you need to move it around. Moreover, the unit has small wheels so you can easily pull or push it around.

* Pulse sensors
The built-in pulse sensors on the hand grip allows you to monitor your heart rate at any time. You can always tell if you’re already on your optimal heart rate zone allowing you to get the most out of each exercise session. It’s basic, but it works just fine. You won’t need to spend extra cash to get a separate heart-rate monitor.

* Adjustable seat
The seat is adjustable to fit a person as short as 5’2” and as tall as 6’5”. It’s a nice feature because most people bought a bike not just for themselves but also for their family members also.


* You cannot slide onto it
The middle frame of the XLR525 does not allow you to just slide on it. You need to lift your legs up to mount the bike. That could problem since not many people weighing 400+ lbs able to lift their feet up high. You may need a small stool to help you climb onto the bike.

That said, the seat is only 25-inches from the ground on its lowest setting. You can still mount the bike fairly easy.

* Cushion is not thick enough
Yep, a seat with thick cushion is a must if you ever want to get a good 30 minutes exercise from a stationary bike. The seat on the XLR525 is in no way thin, but if you’re obese, things get uncomfortable in just 15 minutes or less. Your extra weight really shows its ugly face when you sit on the machine. Definitely get a gel cushion. Your butt will thank you greatly.

“Is it a deal breaker?”

Not really. It’s the same story with stationary bikes at the gyms. Just think of this as an extra incentive to shed those fat layers.

* LCD has no backlight
If you enjoy working out in a dim-lighted room, it can be hard to get a good reading out of the LCD display. There’s not even a simple backlighting included. Make sure you work out in a well-lit room if you want to monitor your progress at all times

* Assembly is time-consuming
It’s a straightforward process but you do need to spare more than an hour to complete the whole thing. Just make sure you read the assembly manual from start to finish before starting. It helps.

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Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Bike

Excellent true recumbent bike for overweight people


* Full-body workout
The handles on this bike move as you pedal. With both your lower and upper body working out , you can burn more calories in a shorter amount of time.
If you prefer to just work your upper body, you can do that too. Just put your feet down firmly on the floor and move those handles.

* Very Smooth Ride
With magnetic resistance system and belt drive mechanism working together, you know it’s going to be a smooth ride from start to finish. The magnetic resistance system makes it easy for you to crank the resistance up or down in a jiffy.

* Sturdy
The solid metal frame does the job. The bike won’t wobble even when you pedal real hard. That’s an important point to note considering those who will ride this machine are no lightweight to begin with.

* Has pedal straps
Yes, this is just the thing you need to ensure your feet stays on the pedal when you’re working out vigorously. Seriously though, not every bike has them which is weird. Adding a pari of straps shouldn’t cost the manufacturers big bucks and yet some still omit them.

* Quiet
If you enjoy exercising while watching TV you won’t need to turn up the TV volume much. And if you enjoy working out in the morning while everyone’s still asleep. The resistance system isn’t friction-based so you can be sure no one will wake up to squeaking or screeching from the bike.

* Easy to mount
This is a true recumbent bike. Its walk-through frame makes it easy for you to get seated. You don’t need to lift your feet high. Just slide sideways and you’re ready to get an exercise.

* Contoured seat and back support
This is a smart design by Sunnyhealth & Fitness. The contour allows blood to flow freely and prevent your bottom from sleeping after long exercise

*Adjustable seat
Anyone from 5’8” to 6’4” can use the bike just fine. Adjusting the seat on this machine is stupidly easy using the lever on the right-hand side of the seat. You can even do while you’re still seated. Just pull the lever, slide the seat forward or backward, then push the lever to secure.

* 350 lbs weight capacity
The manual says that the maximum user weight for this exercise bike is 350 lbs. In reality many people heavier than 350 pound use this bike comfortably every day.

*Easy-to-read LCD display
The display shows time, distance, calorie, and heart rate. It’s basic, but it does its job well.


*The handles are not adjustable
There is no adjustment mechanism anywhere on the handles or the frame. It’s a good thing the seat is adjustable so the handles are still usable.

*Assembly takes hours
Yes, the manual is clear and all the required tools are included, but it still going to take a good chunk of your free time to put everything together.

*Seat could be better cushioned
It’s a recurring theme here. If you weigh around 350 lbs, the cushion on the seat is not gong to be nough for a comfortable 30 minutes exercise session. A nice gel cushion should fix the problem. You can get a great one for less than $20.

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Schwinn 270 Recumbent Exercise Bike – Solid 300 Pound Capacity

Schwinn 270 - 350 lbs. weight capacity exercise bike


* Wide and comfortable seat with excellent back support
* Plenty of different exercise programs
* Excellent controls
* Two user profiles to keep track of your preferred settings
* Smooth and quiet operation. If you enjoy exercising while watching TV you won’t need to turn up the TV volume much.
* Walk-through frame makes it easy to get seated. You don’t need to lift your feet high. Just slide sideways and you’re ready to get an exercise.
* The manual says that the maximum user weight for this exercise bike is 300 pound. In reality many people heavier than 350 pound use this bike comfortably every day.
* Comfortable to use for people up to 6’4″


* The assembly, while not difficult, takes quite a while. The assembly instruction is mostly pictures with very few words
* User manual kinda sucks. You should download the updated one from Schwinn website

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OK. That’s all for our review for the top 3 heavy duty exercise bikes for heavy people. We sure hope that this short review can help you decide which one is the best pick for your needs.

Is an Exercise Bike the Best Workout Machine for Heavy People?

Well, it’s surely safer on your joints than a treadmill. You see, heavy people put a lot of strain on their joints when they walk or run. Simply the act of standing still already put a lot of stress on their knees and ankles. Riding an exercise bike does NOT put so much strain. After all, you’re sitting there on the bike, right?

An exercise bike also has customizable resistance level. An overweight person who is totally out of shape can pick the lowest setting, which is usually means no resistance at all, and move up to the higher settings as their strength and fitness level improves.

So, is an exercise bike the best workout machine for obese people? It most likely is.

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