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Best Exercise Bikes For Short People

“Oh, crud!”, Sally says with a dejected tone. She smacks her right leg then walks away from her stationary bike feeling frustrated.

You see, Sally is an aspiring artist. She spends too much time in her studio apartment refining her skills and rarely walks outside.  She makes her brother, Carlos, worry.

Carlos bought her an exercise bike a couple weeks ago in the hope that his sister will use it to keep her body healthy. And today, she finally decided to use that thing. However, the bike is too big… for her.

Sally is a petite 5’1″ girl with proportionally short arms and legs. She’s cute, by the way.

Anywho… the first time Sally tried to pedal the bike, she noticed she could barely made a pedaling movement without using her toes. Curse those cute short legs!

Sally tried to adjust the seat as forward as possible, and yet, she still couldn’t pedal comfortably. If only there are exercise bikes out there made to accommodate short girls like her…

Best Exercise Bikes For A Short Person

Had Carlos searched a bit longer, he would had found out that there are plenty of good exercise bikes out there that fit short people nicely. We know because we already found them.  If you are also around 5-feet tall like Sally, and your legs are a little too short for the bikes at the gym, please consider these three stationary bikes listed below.

DeskCycle Under Desk Exercise Bike and Pedal Exerciser


* You can use it anywhere and anytime.

Be it in the house or in the office, you can always pedal your way to a healthier lifestlye. It’s just too easy. Once you get used to it, pedaling barely register in your mind. It’s like you’re getting fit without doing nothing at all.

* Well-built

There’s nothing flimsy about this machine at all. It feels solid like something that’s built to last years.

* Super quiet

Take it to work and pedal as you work in your cubicle. None of your coworkers will notice as this machine makes almost no sound. Your coworkers will be more annoyed with the rattling noise of office machines and other ambient office noise there is.

* You can get as comfortable as possible.

The DeskCycle doesn’t have any seat so you’re free to make yourself comfortable on your favorite sofa or couch. Lay back as you pedal and take it as easy or as hard as you wish.

* It makes you sweat

This little machine can give you a good fight. Eight resistance levels can seriously build your muscle endurance. However, you don’t have to use the higher tension settings if you don’t want to. Even when you stick to the lower settings, you’ll still see positive results.

* Easy to store

This thing is tiny. Put it on the corner of the room, under the desk, or anywhere.

You can pedal backward

OK, for some this may not be a big deal, but it is. You’re working on different set of muscles when pedaling backward than pedaling forward. This means you can work more muscle groups using the same machine. Sounds like a win to us.


* It makes you sweat

Yes, we know we already listed this as one of the pros. The thing is, you’ll be sitting on a chair, sofa, or couch. You need a towel to line them to absorb your sweat or your favorite chair will get stinky real quick.

* LCD has no backlight

In a well-lit room, you’ll need to squint to read what’s on the LCD display. Not a deal-breaker, though. Most people use this while working on their desk or while watching TV. Almost no one stare at the LCD display while working out.

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Marcy Foldable Upright Exercise Bike Review


* Adjustable pedals and seat

Even when you’re barely 5-feet tall, you can adjust the pedals and seat to fit your short legs. You can pedal comfortable with your feet instead of your toes.

* Easy to assemble

Yes, you do need to put it together once it arrives on your door. It’s a straightforward process. You can complete it in less than 30 minutes.

* Easy to store

This stationary bike from Marcy is one of the best foldable exercise bike for short people. Folding this bike is too easy. You just need to pull out a pin. When folded, it only takes 18″x 18″ of floor space. This bike fits the tiny space between furniture. If you live in a small apartment, this bike is just right.

* Lightweight

This bike only weighs 37lbs so it’s easy to move around.

*8 resistance levels

Level 1 through 4 is great for light exercise. You’ll start sweating hard pedaling on level 5-6. When you really want serious challenge, you can up it to level 7 or 8.

*Smooth and quiet
Like any top-rated stationary bike, this Marcy upright bike is also smooth and quiet. You can pedal away for hours and it won’t let out a squeak. The pedaling motion is smooth throughout without any jerking motions.


>*Not enough padding on the seat
If you don’t have much fat on your butt, it can get uncomfortable to workout on this bike for more than 30 minutes. Thankfully, you can easily fix this with a gel pad.

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Exerpeutic 4000 Review


* Extra thick and large seat
Even when you have a wide butt, you can exercise comfortably on this bike. Be it a 30-minute or an hour ride, your butt won’t feel sore afterward. The seat allows air to flow through so your butt won’t end up too sweaty after a rigorous workout.

* 24 tension levels
OK, that may sound a bit much, but when you need it, it’s there. With so many tension levels, you can tune your workout difficulty level more finely, one step at a time. There won’t be any weird jumps where one level is insanely much harder than one level below it.

* It has armrests!
Can you believe it? This thing got armrests? Most stationary bikes has handles located on the front that you grip when you pedal hard. The Exerpeutic 4000 take a step further and give you padded armrest so you can grab the handles, rest your arms, lean back, and exercise. Totally awesome!

* Got tablet holder too
If you’re the type who enjoy watching videos on a table while exercising, you will love this feature.

* Sturdy
The maximum weight limit for this bike is 325 lbs. When you’re on the heavy side, you can be rest easy in knowing that this recumbent bike can hold you just fine. It won’t wobble when you pedal.


* Installation manual could be much better
Suffice to say that the assembly will take a good chunk of your time. Be sure NOT to do it on weekends. If you run into problem, you won’t be able to call the customer service for help.

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That’s it for our short review for the best exercise bikes for short people. If you’re in the 5′ range, one of those bikes will suit you well. Now, if you happen to know another fellow smol who could use a little workout, do tell them about this review so they can start working out together with you.

“People will give up on you. You gotta get up everyday and make sure you never give up on yourself.”

Why not use a bike trainer?

It’s true that with a bike trainer you can hook up your road bike to convert it into a stationary type. Bike trainers, however, are expensive. And you don’t get to have the bells and whistles like an LCD display and heart rate monitor. The upside is you still can adjust the resistance as if you’re riding outdoor.

In short, if you already have a road bike that works well for your small stature, getting a bike trainer is a sound option. Don’t know which trainer to get? Just read our recommendation on the best bike trainer.

How do short people ride a bike?
With their legs. How else would they do it?

Seriously though, short people won’t have any problem completing the pedaling motions on a bike provided that the bike is adjustable so the legs can reach the pedals without over extending.

And what about pedal blocks?

Pedal blocks are handy to get the pedals closer to the rider. If you already bought a stationary bike that’s still out of leg reach on the lowest setting then it’s much more affordable to get pedal blocks.

is a stationary bike the best cardio machine for petite girl and boy?

Well, “best” is arguable, of course. One thing for sure is that with the number of resistance levels available on exercise bikes, you can challenge your cardiovascular system to the max without putting too much stress on your joints. Treadmills can give your heart and lungs similar challenge but the strain of running on treadmills is greater than the strain your joints get while pedaling a bike.

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