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Home Gym Pros and Cons

Having a home gym is a dream for many people who want to get fit. But is it really worth it? Is a home gym as good as people say it is or are they just making it up? Well, here is a not-so-short summary of the pros and cons of having a home gym. Check it out.

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The Cons

1. Huge Initial Cost

Let’s get real. Even if you know how and where to get the best deals for the equipment it’s still going to cost you a pretty penny to make a home gym.

Let’s say you want to start your new gym with an exercise bike plus an Olympic barbell set so you can do cardios, deadlifts, and squats. A good home exercise bike costs about $500 brand new. The Olympic barbell set is about $250. Those two will cost about $750 and we haven’t even talked about the mat or carpeting to protect your floor.

2. You Keep Wanting More

Many people start with a power rack. For a moment that’s all you need and want. But then you see a nice pull-up bar for sale and you buy that. And then a new bench for curls and presses. Don’t forget about the dumbbells too. You’re going to need those for free movement exercises. After a while those dumbbells beginning to feel too light so you’re off to buy heavier ones.

Yeah, it only went downhill from there. You always want more machines, more racks, more everything because you want to vary your workout and try new things. A home gym can be addicting.

You can buy a pair of dumbbells for dirt cheap so start from there.
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3. No One To Help

Most people who go to a commercial gym are friendly folks. They see you about to fail with your lift and they’ll rush to help. Some may even offer themselves to be your spotter. Others will tell you that you have bad form and motivate you. You also have the chance to meet new people and socialize.

When you work out in your home gym, you’re practically left to do everything all by yourself, alone, left with your own thoughts.

Some say it’s lonely, others say it’s freedom.

4. Limited Space

Many people convert their garage to build a home gym. If you have a two-car garage, you can squeeze your equipment in there and still have space for the car. If you have a one-car garage, then the car has to give and you need to park it in the driveway.

5. Limited Equipment

The direct consequence of limited space is limited equipment. You will need to be selective about how many equipment you can fit in there. And with limited equipment comes limited workout possibilities.

6. Maintenance

Look at that! No staff to clean up the bench or fix the exercise bike. Looks like it’s all on you now. That’s right, with a home gym, you’re the one responsible to keep everything in clean and working condition.

It’s not that bad, though. Just remember to wipe all surfaces with a clean piece of cloth when you’re done. Also be sure to check the screws, nuts, and bolts on the exercise machines before you start working out. You need to keep yourself safe, OK?

7. Distraction

A home gym is great when it comes to privacy. Distraction? Not so much. If you have little kids in the house, you need to align your workout schedule with your kids’ sleeping time. Otherwise, you’ll have them calling you up every five minutes.

Take our advice and get up one hour before they do. It gives you plenty of time to sweat up before you need to deal with their antics.

The Pros

1. Less Procrastination

Since your gym is right there in your home, you have fewer excuses to use. Bad weather, traffic jam, or packed gym is no longer usable. It’s right there. You only need to walk a few steps and you’re ready to start working out.

2. It Pays For Itself

Going to the gym doesn’t only cost you money for membership and gas, it also costs you time. Once you have a home gym, your commute time to and from the gym is practically zero. After having your own gym for a year it will pay for itself and more.

And we’re not just talking about the money or time saved here. Working out regularly will affect your overall well-being tremendously. If you’re healthy and fit then the dollars you spent is really money well spent.

3. No Queue

Don’t you just hate it when a douche is hogging all the equipment? Guess what? When you have a home gym you don’t need to wait for anyone to finish with their workout. What to use the rack? Go ahead! Want to use the treadmill? Gosh, look at that non-existent long queue. Yep, It’s all yours.

No need to wait for other people. That's why a home gym is so great.
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4. Showering Is Optional

When you go to a gym, you have to shower and clean yourself. It is bad etiquette to let other people suffer from inhaling your body odor. Working out in your own home means you can work out before showering and no one will complain. Of course, your family may have a different opinion on this.

5. No Earbuds Necessary

Take your bluetooth speaker out, set the volume to max, and play your favorite Taylor Swift songs. No one’s going to shout at you to keep your music to yourself. No one’s going to judge your music taste too.

6. Less Drama

If you’ve had it with annoying human beings hogging equipment, blasting their music, yelling and pounding their chests after every rep, dropping the weights, not putting the weights back to their respective racks, snickering at your light weights, and acting like a douche every time then exercising at home is your answer.

No drama, just gains.

It's all about the gainz
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7. Privacy

Little to no privacy is one of the main reasons why people resent going to the gym. That’s a big problem because many people value their privacy a lot.

When working out in the gym, eyes may stare at you when you ride the stationary cycle, run on the treadmill, or lift the weights. Even when that’s not true, the feeling can make you uncomfortable.

For obese people who go to the gym, the fear of being judged is also a deterrent. They think other gym goers are watching their every move while in fact, they are all minding their own business.

In short, if you don’t like making a spectacle of yourself, a home gym is where it’s at.

Yep, that’s all for now. I hope this will help you decide between making a gym in the garage or just stick to your current gym membership. All in all, it’s what you’re comfortable with that matters. When you’re comfortable with your choice, you’re most likely going to stick with it for a long time.

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