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The Tale of Vance Hinds

Once upon a time, there lived an obese guy by the name Vance Hinds. One day, Vance felt inspired by comedian Bert Kreischer’s sober October challenge and decided he too would take the long winding path to change himself.

It was a success.

Everything was started when Vance watched the Bert Kreischer’s sober October challenge. It got him fired up enough to get off the couch and made a difference to his life.

November 19, 217 was the first day of his one year journey. Vance started off with 475 pounds. The first week he gain weight instead of losing it. Sure didn’t stop him that one hiccup. That is pretty normal for anyone trying to lose weight. You mostly lose weight along the way but there are times when you’re flat or even gain a bit of weight. When that happens, keep pushing on.

For 365 days, Vance challenged himself to workout and eat well. He didn’t do it alone, though. His family and friends were there to support him. And that what you should do too.

A year later, Vance lost a total of 198 pounds. Losing that much weight in a year is no joke. Vance had all the rights to be pleased with himself. Dude’s got a commitment and it paid off handsomely.

Alright, now here’s a couple of takeaways from Vance’s journey:

1. Keep a journal
A journal lets you keep track of your progress. You’ll have a record of what you started off with and where you are now.

2. Be consistent and persistent
Don’t let setbacks put you off. Things happen but you just have to press on.

3. Tell others
Telling your families and friends about your weight loss attempt is an excellent way to set up a commitment. Those people know that they can kick your butt when you start to slack off.

"If you knew success was a certainty, what would you attempt to do?"


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